Best sew-in technique for natural hair

Hi,What is the best sew in technique for natural hair? Is a vixen sew in a good idea? 

1 Answer

A vixen sew in is an awful idea for any type of hair. I'll tell ya why lol.Natural women especially, already have an issue when getting a regular sew in with leave out depending on the weave. If it is a straight weave they are constantly stretching and straightening that leave out whether little or a lot to match the rest of the hair. Even if it isnt straight, the hair get's dry and has to be treated differently from the other hair.This isnt just with naturals though, relaxed and texlaxed women also tend to have breakage or issues with leave out over a length of a style or styles. Whether its from wear and tear or neglecting your hair and treating it like its the extensions. Now imagine all of that... but in 4 large sections of leave out. When you take out the hair if there is any wear and tear it will be 4x HARDER to fix and nurture back to health lol. Your edges, the perimeter of your hair, and the center going down your whole head will be left out. If you feel that the responsibility isnt too great and that you can take care of it then do it. But if not, I would not recommend it to anyone. That being said, I would also recommend staying away from sew ins that involve glue unless you or your stylist knows what you're/they're doing. Such as a lace frontal. If you know what youre doing and dont plan on leaving it on for over a month and a half to two months then go for it.Those are the only ones I recommend to stay away from and that isnt with natural hair that is with any hair. There is no recommended sew in pattern for natural hair, THAT depends on the style you desire. But I do suggest that you make sure your braids arent too tight so you dont lose any hair, and that the lay out for whatever the pattern is, is in smaller braids that way you have a seamless flat install. I hope this helps love! xo :)