What are the best summer survival tips for curly girls?

5 Answers

my best summer survival tips are:  1. have a good moisturizer ready at all times!  2.  when in doubt bun it out!  bun supplies can fit right into your makeup bag!  3.  the pineapple is the best way to preserve volume while giving your hair a light stretch!  (y)
Buns!  My hair is a bun all the time. Also products that contain or serve as sea water are lifesavers.
To always keep moisture in your hair. Know your hair inside and out. Know the styles your hair can take. for example this type on a youtuber i fond
Drink lots of water! I find that when I'm not drinking enough Ms. Paris (my hair has a name) does not do what I would like.  I also rely on the Hair Milk refresher spray.  I'm in hot Arizona so I ride around with the spray in the car--never know when those curls will need refreshing. The heat here almost seems like it is frying my hair...the opposite of what it was like when I lived where it used to snow. So I chill out on the oil and I use cremes instead. 
When I'm  about to leave the house for the pool or beach I always separate my hair in sections and coat each and every strand with a cheap moisturising conditioner to retain any moisture left in my hair. Oh an i always bun it up!!!