What is the best way to care for my hair and help it grow naturally?

I've neglected my hair for quite some time now. I think my hair type is somewhat between 3c and 4a as it resembles Cree Summer, Solange Knowles, Macy Gray and Leela James. I've recently had it cut into a bob as the left side was significantly shorter than the right due to breakage. It tends to feel quite dry and sometimes itchy so I wash it frequently. I am mixed race with Jamaican, Baijan and English decent. Though my mother is also mixed so I have more 'black' hair but it's also quite thin. My curls used to be really well defined and healthy but they don't feel or look this way anymore. If I don't straighten my hair I have a lot of frizz at the front but I know constant heat isn't good for my hair either. I don't know the products I should be using or how frequently I should be using them or any techniques that may help. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated :) I've attached some pictures. Some are old but they should show my problem

2 Answers

there are alot of steps and things you can do instead of typing everything down what you should do is go on YouTube there are plenty of videos on how to grow curly hair.you could also buy or borrow books about curly hair and how to grow and how care of it hope I helped:)
I was going to say that maybe try deep conditioning to strengthen the hair, and use a leaven-in scalp conditioner. Maybe deep condition more frequently for the first few weeks to see the results.(2 times a week and then down to 1 time a week). You don't want to over manipulate or cause heat damage to the hair so maybe try to style it in a way that you can go a bit longer between washings (And do a cowash so you're not stripping your hair and drying it out more for every other wash). You can also try putting oil in your scalp before washing the hair. I can't recommend the proper products but on here are a few articles that may help you. There are also bloggers and youtubers you can look at and see their routine. I have a suggestion for the front hair though! You can braid it to keep the frizz from being noticed and tuck it away under the rest of your hair or twist it and pin with a few bobby pins and add a cute clip if you want. If you use any gels, or don't but may want to I do recommend Kinky curly knot today curling custard. Make sure to check your shampoo and conditioners for sulfates, parabens and several other things. It can be whats irritating to your skin/scalp! Good luck!