What is the best way to use a treatment masque or a deep conditioner?

I know a lot say use heat but I don't want to heat it nor do I have an easy way to do that, what is the best way to do it? And does it matter when yo do it? like should it always be after shampooing?

2 Answers

After shower or wash - put conditioner on generously and towel wrap it for 10-15 - you can then rinse off or leave in - I use Scientific Essentials Conditioner and lasts me days while removing and tangling while makes hair manageable and looking great
some people deep condition before they shampoo.  It's a personal preference. As far as deep conditioning with no heat... I'll sometimes wrap with a warm towel and cover with a shower cap or grocery bag or I'll cover with a shower cap put a warm towel over it and then cover again.