Is the big chop 100% necessary and should I be conditioning more

Hi I'm a new naturally curly member (4b). I started my journey only about 3 weeks back. I started because my hair has cut very badly and it needed serious health care. The top and the tip of my hair are now curly but the middle is still very straight and oily. I use the products sofn'free, hemp Indian hair and scalp treatment, wax coconut oil, Africa's best leave in conditioner and a homemade Shea butter. I have not deep conditioned and am currently using shampoo (not sulfate free). I want to know if I should change some products and to help my hair grow must I do the chop or will my curls go full blast even if I have protective style braids in which I often do. In the link I'm attaching there's a picture of my hair (pic 1) a day after its washed (pic 2) after its washed with product (pic 3) 2 days after wash with product

1 Answer

The big chop is not a 100% necessary by any means. You could use protective styles to keep your ends protected from the aggressors of the environment. Deep conditioning will be your saving grace in maintaining length and strength in the hair. I would suggest changing up your product arsenal to include products that will not suffocate your hair strands or the follicles on your scalp preventing hair growth. Sometimes using raw shea butter can be a main cause in clogging of follicles the solution being a detox. A simple regimen is the best option. My product suggestions would be both the TGIN Sulfate Free Shampoo as well as Shea Moisture's Jamaican Black Castor Oil, TGIN Green Tea Super Moist Leave In Conditioner, and Any conditioner that fits the particular needs of your hair. Lastly, using 100% coconut oil will be best for sealing in moisture especially after using the leave in conditioner.