Boat Bristle Confusion - breakage, and then not?

I have 3B/C/(maybe) 4a hair and I recently bought a Mason Pearson pure bristle brush - Now hear me out - I'm going to be on the road for a month, and won't have time to clean my hair, so I figured a BBB would be the way to go. So far, so good - sort of. The pure bristle was chosen because I have ridiculously fine hair in some areas of my head, and medium width (maybe even coarse) hair in others (namely, my crown area). And I'm having some issues - my fine hair and scalp loves the BBB; my medium/coarse hair? Breaking and splitting like it's going out of style. Is there some sort of adjustment period for my crown area? Or will I just have to accept that my crown is going to forever be the worst section of my hair? I first BCed 4 years ago and this section has always caused trouble (trust me; been through the runs on moisture, protein, no heat - that section just does not stop breaking.)I'm rocking a TWA, if that helps. 

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