Is this TOO much breakage, and if so how do I stop it?

I recently mini big chopped about a month ago, I cut 4-5 inches off of my hair due to extreme heat damage. The last few inches of my hair were bone straight and brittle/breaking off. I thought that cutting off all of the damaged pieces would make my hair much more healthy and for the most part it has, but I still have a few brittle pieces here and there. When I look at my hair there aren't any obvious split ends but when I brush/detangle/wash my hair I have what seems like a lot of breakage. I just did a twist out, and the picture shows the hair that broke off during the detangling.. Is that too much breakage for supposedly healthy hair and if so how do I help to stop it? Thank you!

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Okay I think I have the answer. I also have 3c hair I also had the same experience. Until I discovered the protein treatment! The protein treatment was the best thing that has happened in my hair journey thus far.Well you can either do it yourself protein treatment or you can buy one from local beauty store.I use two eggs and olive oil and I seperate my hair into four sections and I coat each section generously with my batter and I wrap a towel around my shoulders and in about a hour or two it will get hard and it will be time to rinse or u can use a blow dryer on cool to cut down the time dont use hot or warm or it will cook the egg in hair and don't wash hair in warm or hot water or it will end in a disater but if u don't want to go through the hassle like I said get a protein treatment from beauty store.Another thing you could do is go to an Indian store and buy a henna or order it from online it may cost you about 10-20 bucks but it does wonders and it does more than a protein treatment Keep hair mosturized and oiled and also scalp.Also I take hair vitamin pills I take biotin and a multivitamin every other day or three times a week and it helps new growth become healthier and stronger. Do not crush hair I hope I help you. But brushing hair is bad for kinky hair like ours
dont brush hair its bad for our kinky hair type. And do more research on protein treatments and henna and how they help hair breakage and shedding
Hair breakage is the result of poor hair cuticle and strands. This maybe due to too much exposure to sun, chemicals and incorrect hair brushing.
That seems like you got it cut. It's normal to shed about 100 hairs a day. If you are experience breakage it could be a number of things. Diet, products, heat, routine. You have to figure that one out by changing one variable at a time and measuring the results. I would say try a protein treatment but if you are protein sensitive that won't help.