breakage or shedding

I went two weeks and a half without any hair products . No moistures no leave ins just conditioner and shampoo and some oils and my hair was supper dry and brittle and during the course of those days my hair was starting to come out in long strands every time I finger detangled and or combed my hair. Now I have products and its still doing it oor when really I started to notice my hair coming outvis when I did a protein treatment with eggs olive oil and honey idk what it could be causing this. Is it the cold weather or is it normal for 3c hair to do this???

2 Answers

Why did you stop using leave ins and moisturizers then? Curls need moisture, without it our hair becomes vulnerable. It could be a combination of drying your hair out and the cold weather making your hair dry and brittle. 
Don't freak out; hair sheds. BUT if you are shedding a ton of hairs suddenly, you need to do some investigation into your hair regimen, diet, and stress levels. I think going 2 and 1/2 weeks without hair products is NOT good. You hair needs love in the winter and you can only get that through the use of products. Also, are you protein sensitive? You can find that out in a few ways start here first: you are totally panicked you can always go to a dermatologist. Rest assured they can tell you whats going on.