Breakage!.. What can stop this breakage with my 4A hair?

Uhg, Please excused my irritated tone. It is not for you. I am so frustrated with my hair right now I can scream. It has always shedded but for some shedding that it good. I keep having these little brak off pieces and ecen some long pieces but they have the little white balls at the end of them. I not too long ago DYE my hair and not it seems to be soo dry even when I add oil to my hair (jobo oil & olive oil). I have consider going back to perms because of my discourage. I really DON"T WANT TO. My hair does that snap, crackle, pop thing . But on a good note My hair is strong I am always pulling on it to see it my hair strangs will come out at the touch but it don', I also use a metal pick on a daily baise should I change that ? Please help me!Sincerely, Truly Desperate

3 Answers

I know when my hair was short I would do the LOC method twice a day to hydrate my hair. I would first spray water then a mixture of oil ( you can use whatever your hair likes) then seal it with a cream like Shea butter. I also have a couple of questions. How often do you deep treat your hair? Also when was the last time you did a protein treatment?
I haven't did a deep treatment (condition)since the last time I wash my hair. I never did a protein treatment. I started using the shampoo with protein in it and that when  i notice my hair was very dry and begin to break off .
I strongly encourage you to stop using an afro pick. Combing your hair daily is probably the exact reason it is breaking, especially since a picked afro requires dry combing. Too much protein can cause the hair to become hard and further break, so I suggest using protein conditioner once a month and being consistent with your deep conditioning to impart moisture into your hair.