Brushing/ More defined curls?

I have 2b hair, slightly frizzy, but decently healthy. I've also been sulfate and silicone free for over a year. I wash my hair every 5-7 days. I condition, shampoo, condition, dry with a t shirt and then put in leave in conditioner. I brush my hair with a bamboo brush only before I shower (to distribute the oils and bc it feels nice) but I've heard so many different things about brushing. I tried to go without brushing and my curls were great but I hated the tangled feeling.I used to brush my hair with a BBB and it was the healthiest it had ever been, but it didn't detangle like I wanted. Also, I only wear my hair curly for a day, it loses its curl by the end of the day anyways so I braid it at night. When it is curly, its kinda frizzy. Not terrible, but bothersome. So basically, I was wondering if I should ditch brushing, or if theres anything else I can do to help my curls be more defined? (Pic with purple is when I didnt brush before washing and the other is when I brushed before I washed)

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