Can anyone tell me exactly what's wrong with my hair and how do I solve it ?

My hair is always poofy and frizzy. It feels smooth but not soft, if it makes sense. I am currently using a sulfate-free organic keratin shampoo, and conditioning with a cone-free conditioner. After which, I would use coconut oil. I would do deep conditioning once a week. Also, I use a wide tooth comb to comb my hair only when applying the oil. I seldom use hair dryer and even so I will on the diffuser. I have tried frizz-control products BUT THEY DONT WORK. HELP PLEASE I want soft, silky, frizz-free hair. :( Ps: I have rebounded 2years ago but chopped off all the rebounded hair. Also, I just dyed my hair recently. But even before the dye my hair has been this way.THANK YOU!!

1 Answer

Seems like your hair lacks moisture. You could perhaps skip the combing altogether and do a weekly banana blend treatment on your hair followed by no poo. (bananas with peel mashed with yogurt or avocado) Or maybe apply coconut milk before wash. Invest in a good conditioner as well.