Can natural hair become immune to its regimen?

I know that regimens for natural hair have to include consistency and dedication to work. But over time, can your hair become immune to the effects of the products that you use to give it TLC? I have 4C hair and I'm transitioning to natural. I've learned that in a regimen you need products for cleansing, moisturizing, detangling, deep conditioning, styling, etc. So say I have a tight regimen with one or two products that I use ALL THE TIME for each category. Could my hair become immune to the effects of the products over time? Would it be good to mix the regimen up a little bit every now and then? I know that natural hair sometimes needs to be trained to accept certain products, and that to maintain moisture and length you should stick to a good regimen. But can't it become immune also? I plan on using SheaMoisture products for styling and as my leave-in. If every few months I substituted my styler with a Beautiful Textures product and my leave in with a Karen's Body Beautiful Product, would that be okay? Or is it unnecessary?

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