Can someone help me with split ends?

I just recently got a trim twice in two months. Because when I went to a salon to get a blow out the stylist said I needed a trim. She said I needed a trim because every time she combed through my hair it would tangle back up and I had little naps at the ends of my hair. In like a week I noticed my hair was back to like it was when she was trying to blow dry my hair. I just recently got a sew in with little leave out and I flat ironed my hair once and my ends are split again. I detangle my hair damp with conditioner and I am very tender headed so I'm very gentle with my hair. I have very tight coily ends when it's wet and when I comb it I see a lot of hair in it. Here are some pics does my hair look that bad and do I need to trim every month.

1 Answer

Split ends aren't repairable, they can only be trimmed and then prevented. Try asking a stylist to do a very small trim, then I suggest you use argan oil to prevent any more split ends. My fav brand is Pro Natural’s Moroccan Argan oil, it's free from silicones so your hair can only get better by using this. You can get it online or google it and you'll find it.