Anyone from Canada? It's so dry here, how do you keep your hair moisturized throughout the day?

I'd rather not be slapping a bunch of product in my hair and then have a product build-up. Any suggestions? What do you use? I have 3c hair.

1 Answer

Hi, I understand your frustration . But unfortunately sometimes we gotta use a little gel and products to tame the wilderness and rizziness . If the products that you are using isn't working for you , try switching over to All natural products that's less onily and less indegrents that cause dryness . Curly hair  requires deep-conditioner treatments , trimming , and daily moisturize to enhance curls and to reduce fuzziness . This is what I use to moisturize my hair on a daily basis . Its natural coconut oil and natural shea coconut moisturiser gel . Hope this tip helped