How to take care of my 4c TWA (no/low budget), i'm only 12 years old

I did my BC 10 months ago, even though my mom didn't want me to go natural.Every week I wash my hair with shampoo (not sulfate-free). I don't use conditioner. Then i use (EVO (it ran out) and) a pudding by african pride and detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb. I rarely deep condition (Diy: Egg/Yoghurt/banana, Honey, olive oil). I moisturize my hair daily with water and seal it wit EVO.I do just use what is at home. I don't get pocket money, so i cant buy products. I live in germany in a small town too, and there are no products for natural hair.Atm I protective style. I took my braids out one week ago and i will install a weave next month. My hair is naturally dry and i have a lot of breakage ( i have never trimmed my ends in my whole life, my mom just don't know about it), but it grows anyway I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

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