How do you care for curly hair with a chlorine pool?

I rarely go swimming because I hate how my hair acts when I do (so much frizz it could almost be an afro). Now I have a pool in my backyard so swimming is inevitable. What do I do to help my hair. Do you have to use shampoo to get out the chlorine or will the cowash get it? Is there anything special that I have to do to protect my hair? Help please...and thank you!

1 Answer

before you get in the pool , saturate your hair with regular water. If your hair already has water in it , it won't be able to absorb any other water. Then , apply a conditioner or leave in conditioner to the wet hair to add moisture . Lastly , and an oil on top so seal in that moisture from the conditioner . If you do this process , and you swim a lot , I would recommend co washing the chlorine out and using a cleansing shampoo at the end of the week to make sure the chlorine is completely gone Also remember to give your hair a break from l the water !