How to take care of my hair

I am type 2b.I have fizzy dry hair.Suffering from dandruff and hairfall.I wash my hair twice a week.I use tressemme sulfate free shampoo n conditioner.I style my hair with conditioner coconut oil and gel(extra hold).I stay in india and there no curly products.

2 Answers

this video will help you tame your Frizz . I would also cut your washing down to once a week ( for now ) until you see improvement in your hair .Also try to deep condition your hair  with ingredients like Olive oil , honey and coconut oil  mixed in with your conditioner 
You could try apple cider vinegar for the dandruff, that helps I hear. And for the dryness, you should dedicate a whole day for your hair and rinse out the gel and make your own diy deep conditioners. You can mix strawberries with honey and bananas. Or even use mangoes and avocados. If you research what natural things are good for your hair, you should be able to create your own deep condish. Also a healthy diet helps with healthy hair. Just eat right and love your hair, you should be fine :)