How to care for my hair when my hair was never really taken care of?

I need some help. I'm starting to really not know what to do with my hair. Im a boy (17) and I recently have gotten very fascinated with curly hair. My mom used to say that everybody in the family would say that i have good hair, and even joke about it (and btw the way I hate that term "good hair" and im so happy that we as people have pretty much stopped using that term... My mom would just say this around the time i was a young child, when people were using that term frequently.) What i realized was that my hair wasnt really taken care of. I guess because i was a boy, my mom would just cut my hair to like a dark ceasar, and put grease in it. And she should shampoo it with anti-dandruff shampoos and conditioners (that had sulfates of course) and i guess it worked for me. But fast forward to now, when I tried growing my hair out curly and everything, i couldnt ask my mom for much help because she didnt really know what to do. Long story short, i got a buzz cut on my hair for a dance performance this past August because they didnt like my hair all big and thought it was unprofessional, so i listened. But i've been growing it back ever since... I just dont know how to take care of it. My older sister always tells me that I have natural curly hair, but in all my photos, my hair is cut. I want my hair back. Now my mom and sister is saying "Now your hair looks dry!" -Whatever. So ive been doing a lot of things recently like cutting shampoos out of my hair and cleansing it with Braggs Cider Vinegar and water the past few Sundays and using hair masks as deep conditioners, but i just feel like im doing too much. Because my hair is still very short, what should i do? I mean i want to take care of it, but while its short i thought i would have the advantage of training my hair to get it curly again while its so short. I still experience shrinkage, and frizziness. I would put coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and even olive oil in my hair after i'd spritz it with water and a little leave in conditioner, and then finish it off with gel as a daily routine recently as well. But I dont think it does so much for me. Im not interested in shaving iff thr sides of my head anymore, like most boys are doing now, but to have my hair curly all around. I would just like to know what i should do with it while its short and how to grow curly hair. Although i am Black with mixed roots, i dont think my hair is getting the care it needs. I just want to grow out my hair curly the right way, and give the right education. Should i cut my hair and start all over again? Idk. Here's a picture of my hair when i was younger. This is when it was curly, but my mom cut it to a ceasar, so this is how it would look after she would cut it. Im the boy in the blue jacket on the right, NOT in the middle. My hair is not that thick... I wish lol. I dont even know if you'd say my hair is wavy. The other photo is showing the back of my hair when i was at a zoo, still cut. Btw, what do you think my hair type is? 

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