How to care for transitioning hair?

I've had relaxer since I was about 9 or 10 and I'm 16 now. My hair is at my collar bones and I want long hair. My hair used to be really unhealthy but I've moisturized A LOT and it's improved so much. I want to grow out my natural hair  but I'm not sure what steps to take. I'm mixed white and black and  my sister and I are the only ones with similar hair type in our family. I feel like once my hair is grown out natural, I wouldn't know how to care for it. (Btw. I have about 1.5 inch of natural growth but I have no idea what my hair type is)

1 Answer

well it does help to know what your hair type is but every curly girl should follow these generic steps when it comes to taking care of their hair : . Drink a lot of water . Your hair needs water to grow .if you want your hair to grow then stay away from heat for some months . Taking biotin helps to strengthen your hair and helps it grow faster . Never skip out on deep conditioning . Deep condition once every week or 2 weeks .. If you want your hair strands stronger , then use a protein treatment . ( Aphogee has a very good one ) but after the protein treatment use a deep conditioner because protein can dry your hair out .try only buying products that are specifically for curly hair . .if you put anything on your head , make sure it is made of 100% silk . Anything else can make your hair break off. Sleeping on a silk pillow case , wrapping your hair in a silk wrap and wearing a silk bonnet on your head is all good for curly hair * make sure your hair is moisturized , dry hair is never good* love your hair and it will live you back