How to take care of white dots?

When I was on 5th grade I had hair all the way down to my tail bone. It was so long but it somehow shortened and got severely damaged. (I have an Asian mom) I've recently started to care for my hair when I was in about 7th grade. My hair has been growing and is more curly and healthy until I saw these white dots in the ends of my hair. (My hair is bra length). I asked one of my Friends and she just said "it's just your hair". I don't know what she meant by that. I love me hair and I want to grow it as long as it was in 5th grade. Help me plz. I've tried everything. I use cantu shampoo and argon oil conditioner. I use shea moister leave in conditioner and curling enhancing moisturizer (something like that). I just take care of my hair as much as I can.

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