Caring for 2c/3a hair?

I believe my hair is 2c or 3a type. It tends to be coarse, frizzy and resistant to styling.It takes hours upon hours to dry and the shorter my hair is, the curlier it gets.I also believe it is low porosity. It takes a while to take color when I go to the salon and products/oils tend to not absorb well if at all.I did the float test and even after 20 minutes, the hair was still floating.I currently have my hair colored purple and blue.I've tried a ton of products as well as co-washing with mixed results. My hair usually ends up dry and crunchy or overly stringy and oily. Or puffy even with rake and shake or finger combing.I tried plopping my hair to dry it and it turned out super stringy.I would appreciate any tips for soft, shiny curls!Thanks!

2 Answers

Ok so I am also 2c and very low porosity and although my hair does not look incredible yet, it has improved a lot so here is my routing:I like to detangle my hair outside of the shower w my fingers and a wide toothed combThen I do a scalp massage w/ this mix I have of jojoba oil, olive oil, and some essential oils (rosemary, tea tree, lavender, clary sage, peppermint) (I know I have way too much oil). If you don't have these oils, and want a carrier oil recommendation, both olive oil and jojoba oil work well for me, but olive oil is easier to come by since people cook with extra virgin olive oil a lot. The scalp massage will promote blood flow to your scalp, while also moisturizing it. Then I get in the shower w/ warm water running to open up the cuticle (but not hot). I don't like my shampoo that much but it's ogx coconut or whatever. I added some essential oils to it, but you don't neeeed to do that. Anyways, I rub that on my scalp, and sometimes I add baking soda to it to use as a clarifying shampoo if I feel like I have product buildup even tho I can't ever tell. I thoroughly rinse that out, and then I use deva curl one condition conditioner for my hair which I like, and I use a ton of that and I actually apply it to my scalp too, because my scalp loves to stay super dry and itchy :(. If you don't have an itchy scalp, I wouldn't do that because it can lead to product buildup, especially w/ low porosity hair. I leave my conditioner in while I wash my body and stuff and then I turn the water to cold and wash out about half my conditioner. I then use shea moisture coconut hibiscus cream on soaking wet hair, and want to try out using ecoco eco styler gel which I just got. I very very carefully divide my hair into four sections and shape each section into a perfect curl, and then scrunch with reckless abandon, first w/ my hands, then with an old shirt. I very loosely put my hair in a scrunchy on top like a pineapple but looser, and then I plop my hair with a shirt. It always falls out tho....... Anyways, I think what might be beneficial to you is to leave in a ton of deep conditioner overnight once a week. One problem I have a lot with low porosity hair is having products that coat the outside but don't get inside, where my hair needs it. That results in oily, stringy hair for me. Then if I stop using the products, my hair is dry. My advice, after this huge, long-winded answer, is to stop using leave in conditioner or anything else that might just be coating the outside and not helping, and deep condition a lot.
Thank you so much! I appreciate the detailed answer!I'm starting to suspect build up as an issue thanks to some folks on an FB group for curlies. I will buy some new products and give them a shot! I've tried olive oil but didn't have great results but I'll try grapeseed oil. Argan oil has worked well in the past when I've tried samples.