What is causing this breakage?!!

for as long as I can remember, the bottom middle of my hair breaks off and constantly looks like an inverted V. It's so frustrating! I grow and grow my hair and then one day I'll decide to wash and all of a sudden it's just gone! I'm probably over exaggerating. I put it up into high buns. I cut it into a bob in January last year because it was so bad. And it grew out but the middle had gotten a little better. And then one day I January when it's wash day I notice that it's just gotten short! Could it be because of winter?I'm trying to be natural, I only use heat once every four months. I use sulfate and paraben free shampoo, no silicone conditioner. I deep condition once a week and trim every 6-8 weeks or when I really need it. I can't wear my hair out curly because the breakage is so bad. Does anyone know what could cause this? And if you know, what are some good solutions?!

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