There is a certain part of my hair that is totally frizzy and i cant control with any product

Hello. I have a question about my hair. Around my forehead my hair is super frizzy and not curly at all. I have tried several products but none work. I have type 3b hair. The small section is very poofy and i hate it please help! 

1 Answer

First, make sure you are typing your hair correctly. Is your hair processed at all?  It looks more 4ish to me in this photo. This matters because your hair is a guide to how to best care for your hair. Frizzy says to me that part needs more moisture or perhaps, trimming if it's the ends that are dry. The crown can get dry because it is the most exposed to the elements. I suggest you section your hair and give some extra TLC to that part. Make sure it is getting enough moisture and seal it with oil. The LOC method is a winner. Leave in. Oil. Creme. Spray with aloe or a mist of water and aloe and/or glycerin. Castor oil is a good seal. DC once a week and use protective styles. I know "Blah blah blah with the protective styles." I'm telling you people use it because it works. Coconut oil is great for overnight too, in twists, braids, or buns. However, everyone's head is different. You have to find what works for you.