Children's guide to curly hair?

My niece has super curly and her mom doesn't really know what to do with it. Her curls are so beautiful and I don't want her to go through years of damage and trying to hide her curls she doesn't know what to do with like I had been through. I want her to learn now at her young age that her curls are beautiful and fun, so she will always exude confidence in herself. Is there some sort of handbook for children or something along those lines? She lives across the country, so I can't just go over and give her tips. I want her to love her hair before it's too late. 

1 Answer

Hi my daughter is 3 years old and has big ringlets what I do to keep her hair moisturized and healthy is I use suave naturals conditioner to wash her scalp then I rinse her hair and add the same conditioner all over her hair and clip it up while I bathe her. When I finish I rinse her hair out leaving a bit of conditioner in her hair not where it feels too slippery, then I squish all the water out and then add a leave in conditioner, after that I get a 100% cotton t-shirt (never use a towel, it'll cause frizz) and I plop her hair, (there are videos on YouTube) I leave it plopped for about 30-45 mins then I let her hair air dry. I don't add gel because her hair doesn't need it but it your niece needs gel use a little bit of curly girl approved gel or cream. There are a lot of curly girl products on YouTube. I bought the curly girl handbook by Lisa Massey, it has a lot of good info in there, and I also watch videos on YouTube. Good