Cocnut oil doesnt suits on my hair at all. Is it worth using shea moisture curl and style milk thou?

coconut oil makes my hair tangled and leads to more hairfall and dullness. I have read that curl and style milk by shea moisture works as a wonder for dry,frizzy and unmanageable hair. I dont want to weight my hair down and make them kinky and crunchy.Well now i am confused whether to buy This or the extra moisture transitioning milk? 

1 Answer

If coconut oil does not work for your hair, the product may not work. I use the enhancing smoothie and coconut oil is the 3rd product on the list. So I'm assuming it isn't far down in the Style Milk either. If you think it may really solve your hair problems, go for it (buy a trial size one from Target just to be safe! :)). But there are other products out there for dry, frizzy, unmanagable hair as well. I think you should get a trial size or just go for the Transitioning Milk :)Good Luck!!