Is coconut oil good for 3B/3C color treated hair?

I'm always hearing mixed reviews about coconut oil being used for hair care/moisturization. I have color treated hair that was bleached a few months ago. I cut it to get rid of dryness but my hair is still dry. I bought extra virgin coconut oil but don't know if I should use it on my hair? Please help! 

2 Answers

Just give it a try. My sister and I have both very different hair pattern, hers is straight mine is a mix of textures. I tried the coconut oil first and love it, so I told her to try it and she also likes it and use it regularly. I've tried using olive oil, eggs, yogurt, avocado and many other things; nothing like coconut oil, so I think it depends on what your hair likes and you will only know by trying.
oil can pull color from your hair. If you need a good moisturizer try Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Hair Masque Treatment. It is the best, very moisturizing without the heaviness.