Coconut oil for low porosity hair?

I have 3B Low Porosity hair. I have heard mixed reviews on coconut oil for low porosity hair. Some say it's too heavy for low porosity hair; while it works for others.If I try doing a coconut oil hair mask, should I do it on dry or wet hair? Because with low porosity hair, my cuticles are closed so it's hard for moisture to enter. If I did it on wet hair, the cuticles would be somewhat open to receive moisture. Please give any suggestions or advice based on personal experience! Thank you so much!:-) 

1 Answer

it depends on your hair. I'm low porosity too and my hair HATES coconut oil. For low porosity hair it helps to do deep conditioners mask on dry hair and cover with a shower for about an hour. Or use a steamer for about 30 minutes. Just be careful with coconut oil mask it could make your hair really dry ☹️