How to combat mid shaft splits. I dont use a comb, brush, or blow dryer. DC every week. Help plz

2 Answers

Do hair treatment weekly with keratin and argan oil. Detangle your hair using your fingers slowly.
When you detangle, do you detangle dry with oils/butters or wet with conditioner? If you are using one method and you feel you hair strands stretch/snap a lot as you detangle, you may want to try the other method. Also and styling that you do that constantly stretches the hair (if you wear stretched styles like twist-outs most of the time) you may want try some giving your hair a break. We are constantly putting stress on our hair, which can cause splits or breakage, so continue to be gentle with your hair and try some low manipulation styles that you moisturize with a light moisturizer daily to keep your hair's elasticity up and reduce chances for splits/breakage. Also, this may sound like a no-brainer but just in case, be sure not to wear any rings and to file your nails before touching (styling, washing, detangling) your hair so they don't snag on your hair unbeknownst to you.I hope that helps!