After combing my hair out while it was dry my ends began to break off. How to treat & prevent? HELP!

I transitioned without BC 2 & 1/2 years ago. Usually finger comb and detangle after applying de tangling cream. Trim every 3 months. I think I have type4 b or c hair with some wavy in front and frizzy on part of crown. Thank you for your help b

1 Answer

Prevention: I'd say just not to comb your hair dry again. Either spritz water on it, put in a detangling cream, or use some kind of conditioner. For most naturals - especially those with tighter coils - combing usually cause frizz as it can be harsh on the hair and it tends to separate and undefine the curl. I'd go back to finger combing or I would look for a wide tooth comb. Treatment: If your ends are split, you're gonna have to take out those scissors and trim your hair. Unfortunately, there's no product that can glue your ends shut, despite what some of them would want you to believe.