Is conditionner is good for styling hair? (from a french girl)

I've seen many youtubers do wash n go or syling/definying curl by putting some conditionner on their hair and just leave it be and i'm quite perplexe. Is conditionner not supposed to be rince out? So can it be used as a leaving (what brand is best for my type of hair)? Does it cause build up, hair damage when using to often? I'm really curious about that because I always rinse out the conditionner and I would like to try some differents hair styles.

2 Answers

i also see girls using conditioner but it is usually mixed with water. If you are going to do this make sure you watch for build up. If you are not sure you can look for an actual leave-in conditioner instead.
don't really advice you to leave in the conditioner in your hair if it's pretty intense like jessicurl's i did that once and i ended up with over conditioned hair so yeah don't do that , it's best to use an actual leave in