Convince my Mum that I can handle my hair?

I'm 21, and my Mum cannot get on board with the hair tips and care info I'm getting from the internet. She encouraged me to go natural at the start of college. Now I've graduated and begun an internship, she wants my hair to be straight, although she's said I can do whatever I like.Primarily I use a hair moisturiser by Africa's Pride, castor and tea tree oil mix. I use a paraben free shampoo and tresemme breakage defence conditioner.According to my Mum, this is too many products and that I should use shampoo, conditioner and Dax hair oil. She is also against using hair supplements such as MSM, Biotin and Horsetail. She recently took my MSM and Biotin away and has hidden them.My hair is currently heat damaged all over, up to the root- but she suggested I straighten it again for work on monday. She is also convinced that 4C hair is difficult and regularly tells me so, despite the fact I have no problems combing my hair- it's my uneven lengths that are my problem, not my texture.Since I started to research hair care, I've had less breakage and better growth, although not magical results. I'm starting to think my Mum might not know what's best for my hair. But convincing her to let me handle it has become this point of tension which is really sad.  What should I do?

1 Answer

Youre 21! You gotta say, "mom I'm an adult now. Its my hair. I want to take care of it the way I see fit. Its not okay for you to hide my hair products, I need those for healthy hair. If I straighten my hair, I will get even more heat damage than I have already. I know that you're trying to look out for me and I love you for it, but this is what's best for my hair. I am an adult so please let me be independent." As much as you should respect and love and honor your mom, its important that she knows that you're serious about going natural. And by the way, if you have type 4 hair, you should think about investing in a cowash instead of shampoo, it'll be gentler and softer for the hair