Could be shedding but I believe it's breakage. Help!

After having most of my hair braided for 5-7 days while wearing a U-part wig.  I took it down to wash and place in my three ponytails going straight down the middle (thanks).  I seemed to have lost a lot of hair.  I moisturized with water, Shea moisture and my own hair oil mix almost daily.  I seem to lose a lot of hair on average though I spray with water, moisturize and then seal and twist in several twists each night.  Am I manipulating my hair too much? Why so much loss?  ThanksOh and I believe it's mostly breakage not shedding.  MadamMel

1 Answer

It looks like shedding to me. If your hair was braided for several days, daily shedding will accumulate. A monthly protein treatment will give you hair more strength. I have also heard tea rinses are a huge help to those who have a lot of shedding.