Can You Cowash after swimming in Chlorine pool?

(FYI, i have been putting coconut oil in my hair before swiiming) I use the suave naturals coconut conditioner to co wash and was wondering if that would work to get chlorine out. Or should i use my sulfate free shampoo after I swim?

2 Answers

Chlorine can do nasty things to your hair – it can bleach your color and it can leave a residual odor. But once it`s in your hair the damage is mostly done. Basically, you just have to keep washing your hair until the chlorine is gone.The best way to get chlorine out of your hair is stop it from getting in there in the first place! Use a sealing oil like jojoba, castor, or grapeseed to seal your hair (coconut oil is technically not a sealing oil, although it has some sealing properties) Meanwhile, your CO-wash happens to have one of the best sulfate-free cleansers in it, so it *should* work to get the top layer of oil (and the chlorine on the surface of your hair) out of your hair, chemically speaking... YMMV, let us know how changing to a sealant oil works for ya if you do try it, cher'e?
Great question! You are on the right track by using Coconut Oil on your hair before swimming. However, after you swim, you cannot underestimate the chemicals in chlorine. They protect us from ALL types of impurities including excrement and waste. You MUST cleanse your hair post shampoo. I admire your desire to care for your hair in gentle methods. Use a product line like "Say Yes to Carrots," "CURLS," or your favorite Organic Based Hair Care Company that uses natural elements like Grapefruit Extract for example, to naturally release chemicals, excess oils and debris from the hair and scalp.