No curl pattern, hair falling out in patches, daily moisture loss, sweating in hair help.

I stopped using relaxer about 4 years ago, and wore weaves for about 2 years after so my hair could be protected and grow out. After I stopped weaves I started letting my hair dresser flat iron my hair and wore clip in extensions. Around this same time a family member got sick so I started to notice hair loss. I ended up cutting it short, since then I've noticed there is no curl pattern, when I wash my hair it's looks as though I sweat my flat ironed hair out. Since I'm still experiencing hair loss I'm trying not to straighten my hair, but I haven't found one protective style that will hold and my hair is to short for braids. Everyday is a struggle with my hair every morning I have to deeply moisturize my scalp. I'm on my college dance team  and I sweat in my hair so after every practice I have a head of reverted hair. My hair dresser has told my to just cut all my hair off. And at this point I'm ready to just go bald and wear wigs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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I'm sorry you have to go through this!  I don't want to scare you, but I think you should see a doctor, for a few reasons:  First of all, you shouldn't have to go through this on your own.  It can be heartbreaking to deal with something like this.  Secondly, you want to rule out an underlying condition--maybe you've got a vitamin deficiency or a thyroid problem or even PCOS, which are all incredibly treatable things!  You mention that you're in college, so I'd make an appointment with the health office or whatever you have there and get yourself a full physical.  And don't be afraid to see other doctors if that doesn't pan out.  I have a friend who ended up losing most of her hair in college.  The doctors never quite figured out why, but a dermatologist did manage to figure out something that works for her to stop her losing hair and regrow what she'd lost.
I'm sorry about what you have been going through with your hair! Blueberry19, it sounds like your hair has been under a lot of stress and may take time to recover. I agree with the above answer. You may want to rule out anything serious by going to a doctor, but either way, I believe you need to give your hair a rest. If its too short to braid then leave it alone. Don't try to protective style it or heat style it or add any clip-ins. Don't moisturize your scalp. Your scalp creates its own natural oils and does not need extra moisture. Moisturize the hair and avoid your scalp. Especially since you sweat a lot with heavy exercise, your scalp needs to be clean and clear of anything that could block pores and follicles and possible actually cause hair loss. When you wash your hair, deeply massage your scalp with a sulfate-free cleanser (there are lots in CurlMart) and don't scrub your hair but let the suds run over the hair to cleanse it gently. Continue to wash very regularly since you exercise a lot and moisturize your hair deeply.Most of all, let your hair and scalp rest from styling. For variety, you could wear head bands (that aren't too tight), head wraps and scarfs (Pinterest and youTube are great for inspiration and tutorials), you can also just let it be and wear it out. Have it trimmed into a shape that you like so you don't have to do any extensive styling to feel like its ready to wear after washing. Follow a low-manipulation regimen for your hair for several months or longer until you start to see improvement (even up to a year or more, since you've spent much longer than that relaxing and doing weaves, your scalp needs time to heal). If you feel your scalp needs something more, I have heard very good reviews about Jamaican Black castor oil as a good regular scalp massage oil for hair growth (be sure wash soon, like a day, after doing the massage so that your scalp can breath). You can also massage it with essential oils mixed into the castor oil like rosemary oil (for stimulating growth) and tea tree oil (antiseptic, good for skin care) and others. A little of those oils goes a long way so you can use them very, very sparingly. Concerning your curl pattern, you have most likely lost it to lots of heat styling that caused damage over time. Your curls should grow back in, but you will probably want to trim off the damaged hair as your curls grow out.  I'm not a doctor, so you may still want to see one, but these are some general things that should help a scalp that seems very stressed out.I hope that helps!