curl problem, the side pieces are longer than the rest of the hair

The picture with the blue shirt is new the other is old, I miss my curls, seems like my hair is damage the curls are not the same as before, After I get finish washing my hair it's become dry and feels rough, I have fizz problems, also I don't know my hair type, I feel like I'm losing my curls, I do  use heat a lot on my head, I don't know how to care for my hair or what to use so on, when I go to bed & wake up in the morning my hair is dry & flat, I don't know what products to use, Is coconut oil good for all hair types,  why on each side of my head I have a straight, wavy piece the rest of my head is curly, why is my hair straight or wavy in one place the rest Is curly I need help,  

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