What curl routine should I begin?

Hi. My name is Shirley and I am a 19 year old Dominican female. According to Naturally Curly quiz: I have 2C curls, low porosity because my hair sank slowly and takes foreverrrrrr to dry, high density, course hair width, and length-wise it reaches my mid-back. According to those things, what kind of routine curl-care should I begin? I have always had curly, frizzy hair since I was a child. It was more like a 3b and now I seem to have 2c due to constant straightening and heat tools. I have been trying to appreciate my curly hair and leave it natural for a while. So I have tried so many different things like no-sulfate, no silicones, only conditioning, plopping, pineappling, diffusing, coconut oil, leaving in conditioner, taking out the conditioner, gels, taliah waahid curly creme, Shea moisture curling creme and tresemé mousse. But I havent had an ideal outcome.I feel like my curls drop and lose their shape with creams, some parts of my hair just become more limp/straight than curly and stiff. And with mousse, I guess my curls do not retain it so much, so they frizz up. Moreover, no matter which method I use, the top of my hair always has more volume (looks disproportionate) and the hair near my roots don't really curl.

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