why are my Curls not retaining moisture after 2 to 3 day hair. I don't want to wet it because it is

when my hair is fully dry after washing conditioning and styling.  It still tends to retain the moisture.  WHT do I do without washing it all the time.  

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I know that I have to moisturise my hair after 3 days because my hair is high porosity and just needs a little extra help, if your hair is high porosity too it could be why x
How often do you do a protein treatment? via The Science of Black HairThe unique relationship that exists between the protein and moisture balances within the hair strand is not simply a case of balancing opposing forces one over the other to prevent hair breakage. These two components work together synergistically to produce a healthy head of hair, and neither can work well without the other. Keeping the hair balanced between these two entities is very important.Most of us think of breakage as related to the lack of moisture. But, in fact, it can be the complete opposite and diagnosing the source of the problem is necessary in order to select the correct solution.What can cause over-moisturized hair?via The Science of Black Hair overzealous “baggying”back-to-back conditioner washes that don’t allow the hair to ever dryregular lengthy/overnight deep conditioningskeeping the hair wet in general (water or oil) for extended periods of time without a breakthe complete elimination of protein products altogethr.