My curls are soft whn they are wet but by the end of the day they are rough no shine & less define

I have tried everything possible and I have tried the curly girl method (no poo method) & everything on the internet . My curls are soft n shinny when they are wet I have to travel alot so by the end of the day the curl are dull n not define

1 Answer

It sounds like you are lacking moisture. Make sure you are really cleaning your hair before conditioning. Afterwards you need to find a moisture product like a cream to distribute throughout your hair and diffuse it into the hair. During the day have a spray leave-in moisturizer handy that you can just give herself a little spritz to reactivate the cream you put in. So....Cleanse, Condotion, Stucture Moisture Product and a little Spray Moisture during day.Keenan Hair Studio.