Curly Girl--Where to Start?

Okay, looking for some major help here.  I'm looking to start the Curly Girl regimen, but have no idea where to start.  I'm a 3b (as best I can tell--my hair tends to be incredibly frizzy, undefined, and doesn't curl, wave or straighten evenly) and have thick, waist-length hair that tends to be dry.  Right now I'm using Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo and Humectus Conditioner--this is the closest I've been able to come so far to keeping my hair happy.  Even so, it turns out so puffy/frizzy/uneven/dry/ugh that I just pull it back while it's wet (major no-no, I know) just because otherwise it'll never look anywhere near decent.  It takes roughly 16 hours for all of my hair to dry naturally, and the middle part (in the center of my head, not near the front, back or sides) takes FOREVER.  I've looked over this site a bunch, and have a few questions for anyone that can help:1.  Are there any drug-store light conditioners I can use that have tea tree oil in them? It keeps my scalp happy (I have eczema-related dryness that leads to massive dandruff).2.  I haven't found blotting or squeezing with a cotton t-shirt to help all that much.  What am I doing wrong?3.  For anyone who "plops" with long/thick hair, does your hair still dry by morning? If no, how long does it take?Any direction or advice at all would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks to all who read this!

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