Why is my curly hair beginning to go straight?

ok so a few months ago I changed up my hair routine. Call me disgusting but before I changed I only washed my about once every week. Then I started to wash every other day. That was when my hair started to become straight at the front part of my hair. After doing some online research as to why this was happening, I changed my routine again. Instead of washing every other day I began to wash every three days or so. I was hoping that this would help but it didn't

1 Answer

Maybe it has to do with overdrying your hair with shampoo. If you were only shampooing once a week, you probably didn`t experience much dryness. You should try co-washing to retain moisture. Also, have you been using heat? That could be a contributing factor. Are there any other things about your hair routine that have changed? For example, certain products can weigh down the curls or dry them out too much.