Curly Hair Getting Dry and Matted?

My hair is 3c and recently it has been getting dry and matted at the roots especially, sometimes the ends. It happens no matter what I do. It can happen a few days after deep conditioning, right after detangling, or just anytime really. I've been conditioning a lot and sealing with oil yet that still doesn't help. And because it mats it causes it to shrink at the roots and get stuck in this round afro-shape, when my hair doesn't naturally grow out like that, it grows out and down and I don't really like it in the shape its been sticking to. And when its in this shape, I can pull a curl out and hear it crackle and pop and then that one curl will be longer than the rest. I currently have my hair in Marley twists because my hair is getting on my nerves. What can I do?! I miss when my hair used to behave!! The pictures I included are one of a bomb wash and go 100% dry before the matting, the other is a day at work when my hair was matting. Note the length and shape difference. These were taken maybe a month and a half ago. Update: I saw that my question had been answered by an editor but she classified my hair as 4a . . . I've been living with the same hair all my life and it's not 4a , it's definitely 3c. Neither pictures show good definition and one of which is super dry and matting. . . Which was my original problem . Also , my sister said it was filed under transitioning too ???? I'm not transitioning I've been natural all my life ??? What is going on with this website I don't even know 

2 Answers

I'm having the same issue. I'm in TWA Stage so when my hair is wet it's everything but when it dries its shrunk and crunch at the roots and it's like there's curls in certain spots I have to grip the roots and stretch the hair out so that it won't clump at the roots of course that doesn't work . Someone also commented telling me that I'm not confident with my hair and that's not the case the problem is that I really think that I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what it is! Idk if I'm over moisturizing or not moisturizing enough. My hair does the same.... I understand your pain... The pic attached is my hair. (top left is wet/no product) (right picture is wet as well but Has leave in conditioner and oil on it) (bottom left is how is a regular day when it's dry.) idk what to do
I answered your question as thoroughly as I could in this article.