Curly hair isn't curly any more. Too much straightening and coloring. How to get it back?! Halp! Lol

2 Answers

At least you know the culprit. Lol. First thing to do is cut out all the straightening and coloring. Then you have to repair it by conditioning it back to health. Do a deep-condition weekly, maybe on the weekend or when you have some free time. Also, try and get a good haircut to cut off all the dead ends. Then, cut out all the sulfates in your hair products. Sulfates strip your hair of natural oils, and right now your hair needs all the natural moisture it can get. The key to getting your curls back to normal is moisture! Be sure to use a leave-in and maybe seal it with oil. So to sum up: 1. Stop straightening and coloring2. deep condition weekly3. cut out sulfates4. add a leave in and oil to your regimen5. get a trim to get rid of dead ends
Oh honey, the same thing happened to me. Basically what allows you to straighten your hair every once in a while is the cuticle around your hair. It protects from permanent re-texturizing by keeping the heat on the outside. The combination of coloring and heat treating breaks down the chemical bonds in your hair and can permanently take the curl out. Unfortunately, the only way to get your curl back is to fake it until it grows out. What I did was I would either put my hair in a bunch of small braids or on sponge rollers after showering before I went to bed. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU USE HEAT TO CURL YOUR HAIR! Heat will only make the damage worse, and could damage your new growth. If you're patient enough to wait for it to grow out, it could be anywhere from 6 months to a year if you're being diligent about caring for it. I lost my patience and cut mine really short and it's growing out beautifully now, so either way works.