Curly hair products in australia

Hello everyone!Im in desperate need of suggestions for good curly hair products (sulfate/paraben/silicone free) that are available in Australia. I've been using L'Oréal's eversleek products but that has left my hair really dry and dandruff has become a big problem. I usually apply coconut oil before every wash. I have 3A type curls which get really dry and frizzy after each wash. A suggestion for a good leave in conditioner and styling product would be sooo helpful! Thank you!

1 Answer

hi i live in australia too its very hard to find curly hair products here i order all my products from iherb .com its in the usa. I am currently using kinky curly knot today leave in and the curling custard. Iherb is a very safe company to order and affordable postage.i get my orders in one week and provide tracking number too. They have a whole range of sulfate free products.