My curly hair has become stringy, help?

My hair is 3b, corkscrews, auburn, lays on my shoulders, and is naturally poofy. After my latest haircut, my hair hasn't been the same. It was OK for like a month afterwards, but still wasn't the same. Now it's nothing but stringy, fuzzy, and flat. I need treatments, products, help, and ideas. Quickly and soon! I miss my hair!

1 Answer

You may wanna try Bragg apple cider vinegar and do a rinse with it. It seems like you have buildup on your hair and that's what has changed your curls. It's also a great detangler and makes your hair more shiny. After you shampoo use equal parts ACV and water then spritz or put on your scalp and hair and allow to sit for several minutes. Wash out thoroughly and you should notice results immediately.