Any curly hair tips for a newbie? PLEASE HELP!

Hello everyone,I'm new to the site and also new to trying to look after my curls properly! Any tips would be much appreciated.Since i was born i've had this head full of extremely thick frizzy wavy-curly hair with no consistent proper curl definition. Tbh i've always hated my hair and wished it looked as nice as straight hair, but if not that then all of my other curly sisters whose curls look... normal.For an idea, it kind of looks like Mia's from the princess diaries before her makeover. Or Chelsea clinton when she was young. Only kinda worse because I have less definition.I currently use sulfate-free shampoo and put coconut oil and shea moisture curl smoothie in my hair, but it's still not really looking too good.I don't brush it, i use a wide tooth comb. But it ends up clumping up weirdly, not in curls, but rather weird sections. It also stands in a strange shape. It's not shiny either, and feels rough often. Sometimes i do this thing where i put oil in and put hair ties all the way down from the top of my ponytail to force it to straighten a bit and stick together. (second picture) but i dont like having to do that.the first pic is a picture of just one of my pigtails :I (brushed unfortunately. i usually have some spirals)Any help on how to make my hair look kinda decent would be much appreciated! I apologize for my very very long post. 

2 Answers

Hi Sherlyn,I'm a 2c/3a, so I know what you mean by those weird-looking clumps. I keep telling myself that that is my hair adjusting to the curly girl method and that eventually they will be nice even spirals. I noticed from your pictures that your hair looks like it is mostly one length. From what I have learned on this site that will create the triangle head you mentioned in your tags. Also the coconut oil and shea might be too heavy for your wavy hair, maybe try something lighter like Argan oil. I have found that plopping my hair in a t-shirt after a co-wash and some select leave-ins has worked for me. I would do some specific searches on your hair type here along with what products worked. It's really a lot of hit and miss as far as what works and what doesn't. I just started keeping a daily diary of what I have been trying to help find that "holy grail" of products and procedures.Hope this helped!Christine
Hey Sherlyn! Christine is correct in that your hair is adjusting to the curly routine. It takes some trial and error to find out what works, and that's totally fine! My recommendation would be to focus on finger combing your hair. When you shower, use a super-moisturizing conditioner and leave all of it in your hair. That will boost your hair's shine and give you soft curls. You can use the wide-tooth comb to begin detangling; then flip your head over and run your fingers through your hair. This will create more defined sections of hair and help prevent the clumping you mentioned. Instead of layering your hair with creamy or oily products, use water-soluble products. Hair oils and smoothies will weigh down any curl type, but water-soluble products will give you the same definition with less weight. Try scrunching a light mousse into your hair after finger combing, then adding some water-based gel to encourage curl formation. Scrunch the extra water out of your hair with a microfiber towel (fights frizz) and/or diffuse your hair. If you'd like, you can finish off with a lightweight hairspray (make sure it's curl-safe) or spritz for definition and shine. On the second day, you can refresh your hair by pulling product through the strands with some water, or you can apply some Moroccan Oil to problem areas. Be careful with the oils though- they can build up when used too much. Best of luck!!