Damage/Breakage Help!!??

Hello! I am a 2b/2c with pretty thick hair. Also my hair is looong, down to my butt. Recently, I have noticed lots of what i suspect to be, breakage especially around my hair line and part. They are very short hairs mixed in with my long hairs with blunt ends and even feel like a different texture than my hair. I have noticed much more split ends and my hair gets SO TANGLED NOW. Like usually when I brush my hair, CLUMPS, GIANT CLUMPS of hair come out, but they don't come from the root. It's from half way up the strands. I really don't know what is causing it since I've never dyed my hair and I rarely use heat, maybe ONCE a year. The last time was in July and before that was in August 2014. I suspect it is due to brushing my hair when wet, even tho i have one of those tangle teezer brushes and use LOTS of conditioner. I honestly have no idea what to do, i am going in for a trim in this week or so but i can never cut my hair short again. I'm kinda insecure with my looks, and my hair was something that kind of boosted my self esteem. But now with how damaged it is getting, my confidence is dropping even more. Im at the point of tears with my hair and it just seems so petty to me considering theres people struggling with cancer and other diseases that relate to hair loss. lol, sorry for making this a sappy thing complaining but seriously, any help will be so appreciated. thank you <3

1 Answer

Hi Nikishaaa, I know you don't want to cut your hair very short, and you don't need to. However, having your hair that long (down to your butt) is bound to cause breakage and tangles. The more hair you have, the more weight there is, causing tangles and damage. Think about all the things your hair comes in contact with when it's that long - there's the back of chairs, the couch, your bed, your backpack or any bags that you carry, car seats, the elements, the list goes on. All those things are rubbing against your hair and causing damage and breakage. My suggestion is to cut it and give it a fresh start. Instead of butt length hair, maybe try bra-strap length and see if that appeals to you. It's still long, but not too long where it's damaging. Be sure to practice proper hair care:  - Don't wash your hair everyday.  - Don't use a traditional towel, instead use a microfiber one or a t-shirt.  - Use a sulfate free shampoo - practice low-manipulation hair styles...ones that don't require too much hands-on stuff.  - try a protein treatment every month - deep condition every 2 weeks  - clarify every month If you decide to go back to looong hair, be sure and be very gentle with it. Detangle with your fingers and LOTS of conditioner, don't pull on your hair, if you sit down, pick it up and place it in your lap. Good luck! Hang in there. I know it's frustrating but you will get the hang of it!