What to do with damaged hair?

I would say that I have damaged hair from years of keeping it straight (without any relaxers), the sun (it's really hot where I live), and from just not knowing how to care for it since being natural. I need help with knowing what I should do to get it back to normal. I'm guessing my hair is like 2c/3a but I have really bad dry hair in the roots of my hair (mainly the middle) which is like 3c. I think that's weird because my hair never been tight there before. My hair also gets frizzy when it dries up. How should I care for my hair and get it back normal? I use coconut oil now and every product I try usually either dries my hair more or won't do anything for the frizz.

2 Answers

To start caring for your hair properly, I would say the first step is to cut your hair. You can cut it however short you want, I just think it's really important to get rid of some of the dry hair left over from your days of straightening. Make sure you ask for long layers as they will help decrease the frizz and puffiness that accompanies curly hair. A new hair cut will provide you with a fresh start.The next step should be to stay away from the flat iron. As tempting as the flat iron can be on bad hair days, heat is very damaging to your hair. I'm not saying go full CG, but some of the ideas can prove really beneficial for you. Maybe try a sulfate free shampoo and try to avoid silicones as much as you can, but you don't have to go full-blown CG or follow it at all. Maybe even just start off with a deep conditioner to moisturize your hair! I don't know if you've ever tried SheaMoisture products but people on this site love their line (not to mention the ingredients they use are mainly natural oils).Try to avoid washing your hair every day.Also products are all trial and error so keep trying with new products, try to avoid those with alcohols which can be drying, and definitely give SheaMoisture a go!If you have any other questions we're all here to help!
you can start incorporating protein treatments. Depending on the level of damage these treatment can actually reverse minor damage. But you really should get rid of the damaged ends, they will do more harm than good. You can cut it short then do light trims till its all gone and you'll be left with a head of healthy hair