Has anyone ever damaged their hair by washing every day?

I washed my hair everyday for several years with sulfate shampoos until last December. I think I dried my hair out a lot by doing that because I battle soo much frizz and poofiness. I have type 2a-2b hair. Now i wash my hair every other day, no sulfates or silicones, using a very gentle shampoo. I'm trying to work up to every 3 days.Have you ever damaged your hair similarly? How did you treat i?

1 Answer

A friend of mine has s similar hair type as yours and she washes her hair everyday; her ends are dead, she sheds a lot, and she doesn't have very thick hair. Also, her hair gets greasy very easily since its used to getting washed so much. All in all, its better to wash less and use gentler shampoos. Good for you for taking better care of your hair :)I think you should do oil treatments and deep conditioners to help heal your hair. If you do it correctly, thiswill greatly improve the health of your hair. But it this doesn't work, maybe its better to just cut the dead/dry parts off and start over will healthy & soft hair