Damaged naturally curly hair hair help?!

I have naturally curly hair! My hair used to be really pretty. I flat ironed my hair on march 7 2013 (my birthday) & after that I continued to flat iron it almost everyday! I finally figured I needed to stop .. on June 19th I decided that I wanted my curls back so I washed it & it looked a hot booty mess I swear so I got it flat ironed again the same day at a salon & I got it trimmed the same day about 1 1/2 inch & it was right at shoulder length like sitting on my shoulders so that was the last time a flat ironed touched my hair I just kept it straight & just wrapped it every night so it would stay straight so after a while I washed it & started wearing it in a bun .. Okay after all this time my hair has somewhat came back to it's natural state, it's past shoulder length  & I got a trim about two weeks ago & I always wear braid outs because whenever I wash my hair & I put in a leave in conditioner it just gets hard & it shrinks up really badly to my ears but before I apply product I notice a lot of areas are really frizzy like it doesn't even curl anymore like the rest of my hair, when I wash it & put on shampoo & my hair is coated I look at my hair & it's really pretty & smooth & looks like my natural state of hair & it's also the same when I used conditioner. I really hate the way my hair looks so I just do a braid out using the clear curl activator by shine. That's the ONLY product that works with my hair! The damage is all over & is mostly on my edges in the front & I can't cut them because it'll look funny. The pictures I included -the first one is of my edges they are burnt badly -the second one is somewhat how my hair looks after I wash it (it is not washed in that picture) -the third is the same as the second -the fourth is how it looks when I sprayed water on dry hair (it has Shea moisture leave in conditioner in it & care free curl) -the last is how I would love for my hair to be. 

2 Answers

I would recommend you, do a deep-condition twice a week. And not use shampoo, use a co-wash it will help you hair and not strip it so much. Use a natural oil such as cocoanut or olive or avocado or almond or even argon oils and a curl product you trust and knows makes your hair feel and look healthier. Try to do twist outs, bantu knots and your continued braid outs. Use minim product when doing so (I'd advise you to use a creme or curl product that you know give your hair a nice feel. Sometimes putting to much products in your hair causes it too look greasy and unhealthy. Hopefully I helped
Hi, great advice. I would also recommend a cornrow style weave or treebraids if you ever want to have a long hair style while you grow out.