Dandruff caused split ends my hair won't curly properly and a bald spot

I went on vacation for a month without my dandruff shampoo I was good for those of the time until about a week and a half into me leaving then my hair started to get very itchy and started to break off constantly so I didn't wash my hair at all for that week and a half. When I got home I washed it with my dandruff shampoo immediately and there was hair everywhere a lot more hair then their should be, and I noticed a bald spot I've been moisturizing my hair using a detangler and using my dandruff shampoo  and I also got a small trim but I went to a barber and I don't know if he trimmed it correctly or not (I'm a guy)since I've been back for the last two weeks my hair just isn't the same is their anything I can do or just wait with time

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